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    One of my best friends is planning to attend UAF (University of Alaska Fairbanks) next year. She is doing this for one reason, and one reason only: They have a fantastic exchange program. She will spend one year doing core classes, and the year after that will go on exchange to another college in another country for a year.

    I would start looking for schools that do this. Most require you to plan your exchange a year in advance, so you'd have a year of college, but after that you'd have an entire year in another country. UAF in particular (I know zill about other programs) offers this: the school you attend in this other country will have the same tuition as you would pay for UAF. You are responsible for travel expenses, room and board, all that jazz, but they have advisers to help you figure it all out.

    This is a good option, because you get your travel, and everyone else gets their college.

    Another girl I know is in a culinary program, and she has been travelling around Europe, spending a few months in one country then going on to the next for a few months.

    Poke around for programs like this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    PS As you're in Oregon and not sure if you want a typical college experience, you should check out Evergreen State College.
    This is where I'm going next year! For this exact reason! I graduated high school last week, but my senior year was spent at a local college in a program similar to Washington's Running Start. I took on a full college schedule and finished up my freshman year of college while finishing my senior year of high school. I found that college is a lot like high school in the way it operates (as far as grading/class structure go) and wasn't too keen on doing it again. Another friend of mine was headed for Evergreen, and since my own college search wasn't doing supremely well, I just said 'screw it!' and went for it. They are a very green, liberal, unconventional college, and while I'm more unconventional than green or liberal, I'm giving it a shot for the year since I've already done the 'standard' college thing.
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    Thank you all so much for the replies! I enjoyed reading through all of them and hearing about your experiences. I took them all to heart.

    Today I visited a college campus today with a group of my classmates and I began to see that I would most like to go to college after senior year. There are study abroad programs in most colleges I'm considering, and while I may not have a great idea of what I want to do, I think I belong in college. Of course I can travel later in life, especially right after college.

    @blade, I have a cousin who graduated from Evergreen State College (I think she wants to be a mortician or a marine biologist, I'm not 100% sure) so I'll be sure to look at it.
    @celianne, I've looked at UAF, but Alaska isn't that appealing to me, even with the great study abroad program. But it's good to know about!

    Thanks again so much for the replies!

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    Congrats on making a decision. It's obviously the default path but that's the case for a reason-- in general, for most people, it's the best possible way to both progress through life and discover your passions and interests.

    Evergreen is a nifty place. It's a perfectly normal college if you want it to be-- you can absolutely become a physicist or corporate lawyer out of there if you want-- but you can also, like, live in a yurt for credit or major in 'transgressiveness' or keep bees on campus. I like that it's unpretentious-- still kept its original name, and doesn't charge sky-high tuition-- but so unique it's well-known throughout the country.
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    Glad you made a decision!

    One extra thought: You should ask any school you consider attending how they feel about you attending a study abroad program from another school. (I think most will allow it if they don't have a program in that city/country. This could be really important for you in the decision making process. You might really want to study French Literature in Paris but love a college that doesn't have a program in France -> which wouldn't be a big deal if they allow you to attend a different program for credits. (My college had guidelines that needed to be adhered to about the quality of the other school, which might be good to know in advanced if you have your heart set on a study-abroad program).
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