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    The Ever Enchanting Gap Year

    Hello berries! Since most of you are out of school and have been through college, I feel like you’d be the best group to ask about (dramatic pause) gap years! The thing is, I’m almost a senior in high school and I need to start thinking about what I’m going to do after I graduate. My high school is very college oriented, and it’s been expected since my freshman year that I’m going to go- even if it’s a two year program at a community college. But a part of me has this urge to travel. Part of me says that if I don’t do it next summer I never will (which is a bit silly) and college will always be there. But another part of me says that I can still travel after college or during spring break. I've only asked two friends and they had opposite opinions- one said to do it (since I’m only young once) and the other told me that it was a bad idea.
    So have any of you done a gap year? Did you regret it? Did you lose motivation to go back to school? And have you ever considered it, but in the end decided not to? I’m not saying that your stories will completely sway my opinion, but it will definitely give me an idea of what to expect.
    Thanks in advance berries, I look forward to reading the replies.

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