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    Quick question... Again!

    I feel like I post on here every month with the same silly questions! But here it goes.

    Tomorrow will be 4 days until my expected period. This is totally just an estimate, because some times it is much shorter or a bit longer. Anyhow, I am trying to decide if it is too early to test. This month has been very odd. Usually my pms symptoms are the same every moth and start almost two weeks before my period! Slight cramping, some moodiness, which then turns into severe cramping and moodiness, upset stomach, and just run down sick feeling about a day before it starts!

    This month... So different. For the last 3 days I have been EXTREMELY moody. I mean crying for an hour, wanting to punch my husband, and then laughing hysterically sort of emotions! Which has never happened to that extreme! No cramping at all. Very abnormal. Even more exhausted than usual. So basically a few of my normal symptoms have been multiplied by a million, but my tell take period symptoms are non existent! Given that i DO have these odd symptoms... Do you think a test should show up positive tomorrow? Or should I wait it out? I am so bad at waiting but so disappointed at a negative test! What do you think? Thanks!

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    If you test tomorrow, it will almost certainly be negative. This will be due to one of two things:

    1) you are not pregnant, in which case you will say "damn, I wasted a test!"

    2) you have conceived but do not yet have adequate levels of the pregnancy hormone, B-HCG, to detect the pregnancy, in which case you will say "damn, I wasted a test!"

    In general, for almost all women, the earliest possible day on which you can get a positive result is the day before your expected period.

    Here is the timeline breakdown:

    Period Day - 14: you ovulate. The egg bursts out of its little follicle and floats free in the pelvis
    Period Day - 13: the egg is swept into the fallopian tube. Either today or tomorrow, it meets waiting sperm.
    Period Day -12: conception occurs, and the egg begins rolling down the long, windy fallopian tube to the uterus.
    Period Day -5, 4 or 3 [sometimes 2 or 1]: the fertilized egg, which has begun dividing into multiple cells including the half that becomes the baby and the half that becomes the placenta, reaches the uterus
    Period Day -4, 3 or 2: the fertilized egg implants. As soon as implantation occurs, vascular signals are sent out that promote the growth of blood vessels towards the new half that will be placenta. The placenta, as soon as it tastes blood, starts secreting B-HCG.
    Period Day -2: B-HCG doubles
    Period Day: B-HCG doubles again. At this point enough has been secreted into your blood (5 is the magic level) to be concentrated enough to be excreted in your urine, to be detected in a HPT.

    Obviously some women have shorter fallopian tube transit times than others, and some women have longer luteal phases to their periods than others, but that's the breakdown.

    It is *impossible* to have a genuine pregnancy symptom until right around your missed period. Not improbable, not 99% impossible, impossible. I know you want a baby very badly but hopefully understanding the facts will help you manage your nerves!

    Good luck!
    Blade, MD

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    I vote that you go stock up on $1 pregnancy tests, if you live near a Dollar Store, or go to WalMart and get 5 for about $13 like I did, and then just take one. If it's going to ease your nerves, why not? Of course seeing a negative is disappointing, so you have to weight that. Would you rather risk the disappointment or do you want to know? But - of course, as Blade said above - you are still early so even if you get a negative tomorrow, you can still re-test in a few more days if your period doesn't show up. Your mental health is more important than "wasting" tests in my opinion! Whenever I had the urge to take one, I did. And I got my positive 3 full days before my period was actually due.

    If/when you do take a pregnancy test, just be sure to do it during your first trip to the bathroom of the day. If you do it later, or guzzle a bunch of fluids before-hand, that can alter the results. Good luck!

    ETA: I also meant to say that I, too, felt very different the month I got my positive. I was super up and down and emotional, laughing and crying, extra forgetful and spacey and a total klutz. Hubby took me to a fancy restaurant for our anniversary and I knocked over a water pitcher - and then a diet coke. The waiters were not pleased! I also felt a few weird twinges in my uterus-area. I just felt "off". So my hopes were up - and it turned out to be right, as of today I'm 12 weeks!
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    Thanks for the facts I completely understand the process. My concern is that my period is not always on a 28 day cycle which I calculate things by. It is an average. I recently had 24 day cycle. In that case I technically could have missed my period already! So i guess it is all just a guessing game. I supposed ill just wait until the 28 days are up before testing anyways!

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    Thanks cvdutch. I love the dollar store tests! And completely agree mental health is way more important than wasting tests.

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