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Thread: Meh. Number 10.

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    Meh. Number 10.

    Let me say right now I am so over this. I just want a top 10 I can live with, lol.

    I have been stuck on Eva, Catherine, and Tess for the past several months for number 10 on my list, but I've been at a stalemate--this weekend I've managed to eliminate Tess, but now that I'm thinking about choosing between Eva and Catherine, I'm not sure I can really see me using either one of those, either. Eva, while beautiful and feminine and classic enough, always seems slightly off, and I'm not as in love with the nn Evie/Eve-Claire as I was when I first fell for Eva. I think it's lovely--I'm just not sure I can ever imagine me using it. And Catherine... on the one hand, it honors my mom and great-grandmother, in a very obvious way. I love the Jane Austen ties (although I'm not sure Catherine Morland or Kitty Bennet are the best literary namesakes, honestly...), and I like the nns Kit and Wren. However, it almost seems too classic to me (can you see Catherine as a sister to the names in my signature?), and I'm not sure I'm madly in love with Catherine or its nicknames. Out of the two, I think I can see using Catherine more, but I am not sure I really like my Catherine combo, either (Catherine Eliora Lou).

    So, firstly--is either Eva or Catherine worth saving? Eva Felicity Claire (nn Evie/Eve-Claire/Evie-Claire, or just Eva, honestly) and Catherine Eliora Lou (nn Kit/Wren, or possibly Kitty or Cate... sometimes with the occasional nn of Lulu) are the combos as they stand (although I'm considering Catherine Lucia or Catherine Zoe, possibly... or Catherine Audrey?).

    Secondly, if I were to use an alternative, it would likely be either Josephine "Posy" or Emmeline "Emmy"--they were both on my long list of crushes and I keep coming back to them, but I thought Eva, Catherine, and Tess were more "true" loves, so I never really added them. Does either one of them fit better with Isabelle, Arianne, Olivia, Violet, Rachel, Liliana/Lillian, Charlotte, Eleni, and Hannah?

    Thanks, ladies!
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