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Thread: Meh. Number 10.

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    My favorite is Catherine!

    Catherine is a strong classic. However, I don't think that it is too classic next to your girls names. I think you have fairly classic girl names on your list to start with: Olivia, Rachel, Charlotte, Lillian. I think both of your Eva and Catherine combos are lovely, but Catherine Eliora Lou is fantastic. Eliora and Lou slightly offset the uber-classic Catherine. If you can't choose one, or you don't LOVE either of them, then I agree with @ottilie, just have a top 9!
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    Catherine Eva? Pure life. Lovely name for a little girl.

    I agree with the others. If you can't find a 10th you love, then stick with the 9 you do love. Lists evolve over time, and when it comes time to name an actual human, you may change your mind completely.

    You have beautiful names on your list! Work with those until you find that 10th that you love as much as the others.
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    Emma (and everyone else, it seems!), I struggle with a quite frustrating and adamant diagnosis of OCD. :/ It doesn't affect me in all areas of life, but there are certain places in this idea of naming that makes it rear it's ugly head, and this is one of them, haha. I just can't not have a top 10. It's an even number, it's easy to manage, it just seems whole, complete. I don't know, haha, my mind has fixed on 10 and it won't really consider anything else. Plus, I have 10 names on my boys' list I really love, so it has to be even for the girls! And no, lol, I definitely don't want ten girls! I want a big family, but not that big, lol.

    Ottilie! Yes, I know exactly which one you'd vote for. And honestly, I have come to adore (and I truly mean adore!) Eva Felicity Claire, it just seems perfect to me. I just don't know if I can see me with an Eva, and I don't know if I love Eva anymore. I used to be obsessed with the idea of Eve-Claire as a double barrel, as well, and Eva Felicity Claire could give me that. My grandmother had two one-syllable names (Ruth Mae), so in a way I feel like Eve-Claire could honor her, and plus, Claire honors my dad and brother. Maybe, with Eve-Claire, it's worth saving. I really do adore that double-barrel! And the combo itself.

    I love Catherine, and Kit, but at this point, I think Catherine's feeling more like a middle name than a FN. I think I'm down to Eva/Eve-Claire, Emmeline, and Josephine at this point.
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    OCD sucks. Got a mild case myself, it can be rough. I think Eva Felicity Claire is swoon worthy, but if you can't see yourself with a beautiful little Eva then that's that.
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    I honestly really like Eva and Josephine (I don't have in on my list because I love Joseph so much!). I think Eva Felicity Claire is extremely sweet and sounds prefect.

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