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Thread: How do I start?

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    Glad I could help out.
    And you've got a bit of time so I would totally make a list of all the wonderful new names you discover. (I think very berry here has more than one overly long list of names they love -> clearly there is no way I'm going to have over 100 children to satisfy even a part of my list. lol).
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    Wim is lovely! I think it can stand on it's own, but it's great as a nickname for William too. Not to be a bubble-burster, but you do know it's pronounced "Vim" right? I suppose you could pronounce it like "whim" if you really wanted to.

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    To honor William -
    for boys:

    for girls:

    To honor MaryAnn:
    for girls: Marian, Marin, Mia Annabel

    If you like Hazel, you might like:
    Amelia, Ella, Evelyn, Scarlett, Rose
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    Elizabeth Lily nn Ellie
    Mary Emmeline nn Maisie
    Sarah Evangeline nn Sadie

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    Thank you everyone - time to sit and think.

    Introduced all of this to Husband and he is much more interested in the possibilities than I expected. He thinks Wim (pronounced whim, though I did know that its "wrong") is "cute", hates Annabel, and thinks Louisa and Graham are "interesting." He mentioned liking the name Marius - though I have no idea where that came from - and said William Marius is a good "man's" name. I have a feeling this could be way more fun than I expected. So I am off to a start with one possible boy's name and Annabel off the list.

    Possible boy's name - William Marius (nn Wim)

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