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    I like Avenley, but I am not sure if I love the name because I can't picture how it sounds.
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    I know a little Aveniel, she is named after her grandmother. It's similar to Avenley?
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    I think most people are familiar enough with the story, either through the books or the PBS versions of the movie they do during telethons that they'd know Avonlea is pronounced Ave-un-lee.
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    I would pronounce Avenley as Ayy-ven-lee, so with a long A sound for sure, like in Avery.

    It looks incompletely to me, like someone forgot the first letter. I'd imagine she'd get a lot of "Avery?" "Heavenly?" comments, and no one would know how to spell the name. I'd also anticipate a lot of mispronunciations if you want a short A sound, but that doesn't really change the name so that wouldn't bother me too much, once people here her or you say the name, they'll catch on, and having strangers pronounce it with a long A isn't too drastically "off".

    Aside from those issues, the name is really NMS at all, but I don't think it's absolutely horrible.
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    I know a little Avonlea! Her mother is a huge Anne of Green Gables fan. It's nms, but is a beautiful name. I think it's as legitimate as any other place name or literature influenced name, especially if it has special meaning to the parents.

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