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    Avonlea would be 100X nicer imo.

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    I pronounce them differently Avonlea: Ah-vuhn-lee Avenly: Ay-vehn-lee (ay as in pay) I think Avenly is pretty trendy, sorry! But Avonlea is lovely
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    I like Avenley, spelling and all. It has a very pretty sound to it. I don't think you need to associate Avonlea (the show) with the name at all. Trendy? No, not at all......Avenley would stand on it's own as having a beautiful sound.
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    Hate it.. Too trendy.. Sounds made up

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    Thanks everyone. I like it more knowing Avonlea is an "acceptable" name. I just still prefer the way Avenley looks I think.. The" Avon" part reminds me of the make up brand and I worry people will use a long a sound. I am worried though that it sounds too close to heavenly. Thanks for pointing that out!

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