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    Exclamation CAUTION! Trendy name alert!

    Hehe, I just know most of you guys are going to freak out about how trendy this name is (trendy=bad on nameberry lol), but I wanted honest feedback on how you think it would work as a name:
    Soooo.... what do you think about Avenley?

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    I like it- reminds of a television series I loved as a child!

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    Sep 2012
    As in Anne of Avonlea?
    Are you Canadian?
    If you have some attachment to the books or the place, maybe. But spell it Avonlea if you must.

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    Nope never heard of Avonlea! Would you pronounce that with a long a or a short a? I'm wanting a short a sound, like avenue.

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    All I got is trendy and avenue.
    While trendy definitely different though. So that's a plus point.
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