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    At first I was just really tired, but then I started to be very achy. My muscles hurt, and my hips were killing me. I thought it was a combo of PMSing/the flu, but then it never progressed to real sickness...and I didn't get better, either, or get my period.

    I can't really remember how soon my symptoms started. A week after conception I went into the city with friends and was supposed to stay over, but I came home early because I was tired. It didn't seem unusual, though. 12 DPO I stayed home from class because I felt flu-ish. I tested 3 or 4 days after my missed period (almost 5w gestation).
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    When I was pregnant several years ago now, my first symptom was a very weird type of cramp. I do not get cramps, at all, never, when my monthly comes around, and I had just the weirdest twinge cramp, like someone had pinched my uterus from the inside. That was my first indication that something was up! (I tested the next day! I ended up testing 3 days before my expected period, got a bright positive within moments! The lines appeared as the screen initially glazed over!) I was roughly 3 weeks pregnant when I found out, within about a week of that, I had nausea, but not much else. My breasts never hurt, I never spotted, I don't recall being particularly tired at any point or anything like that though, just a constant dizzy, "I-think-I-want-to-throw-up" sort of feeling.

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    My first and only pre-test symptom showed up at 8 DPO. I presume it was caused by implantation. Basically, it was a strange cramp, more like a vague "tightening" sensation--as if the right and left sides of my abdomen (way down low) were pulling slightly toward the middle. It was so mild, I probably wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't been obsessively tracking every tiny change in my body. Late last year, I noticed the same sensation and right away suspected I was pregnant because that's the only time I've ever felt anything quite like it. I was right, although that pregnancy didn't stick.

    Other than this feeling, my earliest pregnancy symptoms were indistinguishable from my normal PMS symptoms: weepiness, a little bloating, mild headache. The night before I got my BFP for my first pregnancy (the sticky one), I was so convinced I was going to start my period during the night that I wore a pad to bed. I didn't have any breast tenderness, tiredness, increased urination, odor sensitivities, or nausea like some people do. Those came later for me.
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    Around 7dpo a tiny tiny bit of spotting
    Closer to 10dpo, sore boobs, hit-by-a-bus tired, and really thirsty all the time.
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    With my first pregnancy, I was about a week late (according to my calculations...although my cycle was quite irregular then, and the previous month my period was about 10 or 11 days late so I was feeling a bit up in the air about when to actually expect it), I was beginning to suspect something was up, and while out walking with my boyfriend I had a strange cramp sensation like a few others have described, low and laterally across my uterus. I remember thinking, Huh...that was weird, I'll test tomorrow. So I did, and I was. About a week later the sore boobs set in and hung around for quite a few weeks, I had very mild nausea from week 6 to 7 ish. Then barely any symptoms at all, I remember googling things like "8 weeks pregnant, lack of symptoms" etc!

    With my second my cycles were much more reliable, so I knew when to expect AF a lot better. My first indication was a complete lack of my usual pre-menstrual symptoms, the big indicator being that I usually break out 3 or 4 days out from it arriving. That hadn't happened, then while AF was still a day or so out I had a tingly sensation in my breasts so decided to go out and get a test to use the next day. Used it first thing and got a positive, the line was quite faint, but definitely there. No sore boobs this time around, extreme tiredness though and I'd feel queasy for most of the day from about 5ish weeks to 12ish weeks.
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