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    Your Experience With Early Pregnancy Symptoms

    Hello berries!

    I was just curious... How long post ovulation did you start getting pregnancy symptoms? I know many say that soon after they have unexplainable tiredness before any other symptoms.

    What was your experience?

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    I think in another thread, someone posted that alot of the time PMS-type symptoms very closely resemble early pregnancy symptoms. I would agree with that. I don't usually have low energy/extreme fatigue as a PMS symptom though and I have had that in early pregnancy as one of my first symptoms-- but not until around test time (I don't test before 12-14 DPO and I've gotten positives as early as 12 DPO before). My one early "symptom" is spotting. Some people don't believe implantation spotting (can't really call it implantation bleeding because it's never much more than a few spots) but for me personally, this is a very good indicator. I don't ever have it if I'm not pregnant, but I've had it a few time when I am. It has happened between day 7 and day 9 (not multiple days- just one day during that period) after ovulation. I have been tracking my cycle for almost 10 yrs on and off so I checked back with my positive pregnancy charts to remember the exact days.
    The only other note I see on my chart with #2's positive test is "dizzy" which I reported days 7-9 DPO that month. I used to be alot better about charting more info, but I got out of that habit as we stopped actively TTC.
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    I'd say every symptom you can find online would be reasonable. Everyone is different, so someone else's early symptoms could be totally different from yours. You have to find out what is normal for you.

    I always get the mother load of terrible symptoms with PMS... sore boobs, mood swings, cramps, lower back ache, headaches, increased hunger, nausea, fatigue. But when I was pregnant, there was an eerie lack of symptoms besides the fatigue. I got some nausea and mood swings later on in the pregnancy, probably around 8-9 weeks. But my very early symptoms were hardly worth mentioning to be honest.
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    With both of my pregnancies (not my ectopic because my hormones were off) I got symptoms at 7 dpo. They were weird symptoms though and different each time. My first pregnancy, I was in the mountains at the time and it was really cold at night. When I started nipping it hurt like crazy. It felt like I was being stabbed through the chest. I had to get in the shower to warm up to get them to stop hurting. This was one week before I found out I was pregnant. That lovely symptom lasted my entire pregnancy and until I had been breastfeeding my son for a couple weeks. Then my nipples finally went numb ;-)
    This time around, I started having crazy dreams, again at 7 dpo. I always have pretty interesting dreams, but they really kicked it up a notch. After a couple days of these dreams, I started wondering if I was pregnant (because that had been one of my symptoms in my first pregnancy). One week later, I found out that I was.
    Fatigue and nausea are big symptoms for me too, but both times they didn't start till 5 weeks.
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    About 7dpo as well. I started feeling very queasy and tired and with this pg I had increased discharge. Even with my chemical pgs I knew I was pg early on, but my progesterone was low so I could feel them fail before the test showed a negative. The only pgs I wasn't absolutely positive I was pg before I tested was the one I miscarried.
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