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    Bringing a meal post-baby is a wonderful idea. If you wanted to go further with this, you could organize other family/friends in providing meals as well. This website makes that very easy. It's free and organizes everyone's planned contributions on a calendar and sends out automatic email reminders. There are other websites that you can use for this as well, that is just the one that I am familiar with.

    My favorite gift for new parents is a date night. I like to get them a gift certificate for a nice restaurant (this is not limited to chains, any restaurant can sell you a gift certificate these days) and include in the card an offer of free babysitting. Everyone always loves this.

    If you want a free variation of this, just offering babysitting coupons (assuming that you and your cousin are comfortable with you babysitting) is a great plan. You could even go a step further (but still free) and find fun, free, local events for the new parents to go check out while you watch the kid.

    If you want more of a gift for the baby, books are a great way to go. Building up a collection of good board books for a baby is surprisingly expensive and most people give cute outfits, not books. Wrap up a couple of your favorites with a sweet note. If you want to commit to something bigger and longer term, enroll the baby in a book of the month club (where you give the baby a new book every month for the first year or something, so as to spread out the cost and make it more fun.)

    You can even make custom board books nowadays. Here is a link to one of many websites that offer this service: Since she is your cousin, you could even make a board book about the family with photos of everyone and a little blurb/description. Like, "This is your cousin, ladyvanraven! She is looking forward to sharing her name obsession with you!" Babies LOVE looking at photos of faces. If you need this to be cheaper, you could just get a photo album and do something similar.

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    If you live close enough, "coupons" for other things - aside from meals - like doing her laundry, bringing her favorite takeout, watching the baby while she naps, vacuuming her home, etc. would probably be very helpful/appreciative.

    If you're looking to do something crafty and sentimental, it's easy to make a home-made can do one using origami animals strung from dowels, or fish made out of small soda bottles (google those). Or, make her a scrapbook where you can start with a page on her pregnancy, and then make pretty scrapbook sheets with spaces for her to stick pictures in as the baby grows and write her own little captions.
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    Oh you could do an old timey -mixed tape/ playlist .... seriously your 15 and nobody is expecting you to break the piggy bank. Offering meals after the baby is born and just helping out around the house like taking out the dirty diaper trash and doing the laundry while she naps is the absolute best thing you can do for her. (My second cousin did it for my mom when I was born and my mom still raves about how pampered she felt and how awesome it was to have an adult to talk to when she wanted to but where she didn't have to be ueber polite like she did with visitors.

    No seriously, a playlist with kids songs or a book would be awesome. There are a ton of new children's song out there that most adults don't really know about. I particularly love Paul Ellis' "Dragonfly Races" and listen to them all the time (I should at this point let you know I have no children and just listen to it cause I like it ). I think he recorded it when his kiddo was born and does folksy music with fun child friendly lyrics and stories that are great for adults to listen to - I feel like a lot of artist are now doing this and they are usually the songs we don't hear on the radio.
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    Oh, I like Lex's suggestion, a mix tape is brilliant! Vienna Teng's Lullaby for a Stormy Night is a beautiful lullaby you can put on it
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    Thank you for all the ideas!!

    @Poppy528- I love the basket idea! That way I could get her a lot of little things that she will need. Target just opened up here so I could go there too.

    @Ottilie- no I don't knit but I wish I did. That would have been fun to make hats and blankets...I could always learn though! There is plenty if time before October.
    I love that book idea! So cute! Unfortunately I don't have a camera...

    @tarynkay- I think babysitting and giving her a coupon for a restaurant would be nice! I definitely would like to babysit since I want to get used to being around babies (I want to be a midwife when I'm older). Giving her books is a great idea too! Just yesterday I saw this book I used to read when I was a child, I'll get that one for her and maybe get her another 2 or 3. I love the custom book idea!
    I will check out both of those websites for sure

    @leadmythoughts- I like that scrapbook idea! That way I won't need to have a camera! I can just decorate it and give it to her! I never thought of laundry, I could always do that for her too.

    @lexiem- lol I know but I love to buy/make gifts and this is the first baby in my family since I was born. So I really feel the desire to help.
    Oh I love that mix tape idea!! I know a song that could go on there!! Plus I believe there is an old nameberry thread on here that covered songs for babies! I will try to find that and listen to songs.

    Thank you all sooo much! This really helps!!

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