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    Sibling name sets

    I have a list of girls names I love, but can't narrow it down. Some names double up, can't decide how I want to use them! Any opinions/suggestions welcome

    Harper Ellis - Ellis is my mother-in-law's maiden name.
    Eden Charlotte
    Lucy Alice
    Sydney Eve
    Eve Charlotte
    Eleanor Grace
    Nora Charlotte
    Adeline Grace
    Stella Charlotte
    Ava Jess - Jess is after my grandmother's name Jessie.
    Eva Lucy
    Clara Louise - Clara is a family name.
    Sadie Eloise
    Asher Ivy

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    Harper Ellis - I love Harper, but since Ellis is unisex too I'd suggest a more feminine first or middle. Summer Ellis or Harper Alice, perhaps?
    Eden Charlotte- I'm not in love with Eden because it's so close to the nn Edie (which I hate) but Charlotte is nice.
    Lucy Alice- These two are really heavy on the Ls and S-sounds.
    Sydney Eve- I adore Eve, but hate Sydney. I know a lot of not-so-nice girls with the name, but if I didn't have those associations I'd probably like it better.
    Eve Charlotte- Gorgeous!
    Eleanor Grace- I love Eleanor and Grace! This combo is lovely.
    Nora Charlotte- I don't like the nn Nora at all, but that's just me. I'd prefer Annora Charlotte.
    Adeline Grace- Adeline is overused. Madeline? Adelaide?
    Stella Charlotte- Very pretty! I like it a lot.
    Ava Jess - This sounds a little too short... Ava Jessamine?
    Eva Lucy- I think this is nice.
    Clara Louise - Love Clara, not the Louise (the "wheeze" sounds bothers me).
    Sadie Eloise- This is cute!
    Asher Ivy- Asher is an all-boy name to me. Aislinn or Aisling would be much, much better.
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    I love the simplicity of Eve and Clara together. So restrained and beautiful. It would be nice to find a way to use all the family names...
    How many daughters are you planning on? I'll assume two.

    Eve Ellis and Clara Jessamine. Honors all three relatives.

    or if you want to go for cute and zippy, Sadie Louise and Stella Grace.

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