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Thread: Narrowing down

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    Narrowing down

    So despite them being two of the least liked names on our list, we are leaning towards Harold and Grover if this baby is a little boy!!

    So I would love some very honest opinions about these names 😊

    Also, even though we have been avoiding popular names, we are really liking some - what do you think of these? Is a popular name really all that bad?
    Alexander (not sure about using another x)
    - all of these are middle name possibilities too.

    Sorry about this post being all over the place, I hope it makes sense!
    And as we still have a while to go, more suggestions are definitely welcome too
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    I will admit that neither Harold nor Grover are my style, but despite that I have been unbiased when thinking about these choices and I'm not sure that I like how either of them sound with the names of your sons. I actually don't think that popular names are that bad - they are popular for a reason and that is becasue they are good names! I actually really like all of the other names you have listed, but especially like Alexander with Maximillian and Felix. I think that the x is a nice way of tying the names together
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    If you're set on a Harold type name how about the less old man-ish Harry, Henry or Harrison? Please don't take offence as I adore the name Grover, but I was going to call my kitten that All I can think of is Sesame Street!
    Alexander (Alex), Maximillian (I'm assuming he's Max) and Felix is a killer combo because of the common 'x' so I'd run with that if I were you! There are sooooo many different names out there that in a classroom there aren't going to be 10 Alex's or Sams. There might however be at least 5 Williams or Jacks. But you know what, if you like any name (including Grover) go with it.

    PS Sarah I love the name Xavier. How about that one Yvette?

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    I kind of like Grover! It has a neat sound to it and your kid wouldn't encounter any other little Grover's most likely. I'm not sure if Grover sounds that great with your other son's names though. From the list of other names y'all like I think that Lachlan is pretty cool.

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    I second the suggestion of going with Harry or Henry, although Harold is still handsome. I really can't get behind Grover, sorry. To me it's not a very attractive name and I don't believe it fits with your other sons' names.

    If you're really liking any of those popular names then go for it! I'm a strong believer in sticking with your favourite name no matter how popular it is. You never know- you could go with Grover and he'll end up with 2 others in his class, but no Sam or Alex or Lachlan. Plus some of these names may be popular, but there are a multitude of nicknames they could go by. Alexander (which I love with your sons' names- all 3 having an 'x' is really cute) could be an Alex, Alec, Xan, Xander, Anders, Sandy, Santo...

    Altogether (this is getting a bit long, sorry), I think the best combos would be:

    Maximilian, Felix & Alexander
    Maximilian, Felix & Samuel
    Maximilian, Felix & William

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