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    What do you think of my character names/plot?

    Okay. I've been working on a new story. It is based off Elemental bending and stuff like that, so it isn't set in modern times. I didn't make a new planet or anything, but I wouldn't say that it takes place on any continent, I made the places up.

    So for starts... The nations are divided by elements, and I picked the names by meaning, so each name means what the nation is. They are called:

    Shula- the Fire Nation
    Kaito- The Water Nation
    Zeru- the Air Nation
    Gaiea- the Earth Nation. I made this spelling up (based off of Gaia if you couldn't tell). I'm not sure if I should pronounce it like gay-a or how Gaia is normally pronounced. Any thoughts?
    Aeolus- the city/island of the Miras (more on that later)

    The gods:

    So far, I only have a few name picked:

    Zeno- the main god. He's the equivalent of Zeus. God of sky and storms and such. Zeru is named after him (loosely)
    Kaia- the goddess of Water, sister of Gaia. Goddess of oceans all that. Kaito is named after her (loosely)
    Gaia-The goddess of Earth like she is in Greek mythology. Gaiea is named after her.
    Shu- the god of fire. Contradicting to his element, he is gentle. Shula is named after him.
    Funda- goddess of health.

    The characters:

    The girls:
    Nerea- the main character and story teller. She is the daughter of a water bender and a fire bender, which was forbidden. She is a smoke bender because of the contradicting elements in her body until her friend, Evren, teaches her how to control them. She has strong connections to the spirit world, and the spirits think she will help save the world and haunt her dreams from the time she was a small child. She is the equivalent of a princess (but she isn't one) hates said status, and she runs away to help save the world.
    Amara- Nerea's younger sister. She's a lot younger than Nerea, very innocent and sheltered. Nerea raises her after their mother is banished, when Amara was a year old. She is not a bender and a good flute/pipe player. She likes being royalty, she hasn't known anything else. She is devastated when her sister runs away.
    Mayim- Nerea and Amara's mother. She is rebellious and fell in love with a fire bender, runs away with him and marries him and has two kids with him. She sends her parents a letter, and they come looking for her, leading to her banishment. She is a Kaitoan princess (of her providence). Very powerful water bender.
    Altalune- Mayim's mother. An oracle of sorts, she can't see the future, but senses how the future will be for someone. Supports her daughter and granddaughter's decisions, but her overbearing husband doesn't listen to her. Generally nice. Non bender.
    Nina- Nerea and Amara's paternal grandmother. She isn't really a main character. She dies when Amara is four. Fire bender.
    Soleil- Shulan princess and closest friend of Nerea. Nerea doesn't make many friends. She is sweet and somewhat innocent and naïve, but is very loyal. She helps Nerea escape. Fire bender, but mostly bends light, not really fire (she doesn't like to but she can, it makes her feel out of control).
    Melanthe- The fire nation queen. Leander, Soleil, and Castor's mother. She's mean and stuck up, but beautiful. The black flower that her name means.
    Lux- Enemy turned friend of Nerea's. Helps Nerea and Evren and later joins their group. She is a fire bender and very sarcastic and bitter. Wants nothing more than to stop the Gaieans. Great granddaughter of Aroa.
    Aroa- Evren's first love. She is a fire bender, about the same as Nerea, she's not a princess but she's royalty. Sweet person. She survives the plague, but is devistated that Evren goes missing. She get married and has two kids before dying of a broken heart (never able to get over Evren). Not important to the main story.
    Mireille- Evren and Galen's mother. Dies in the plague. Airbender who had a water bending mother and a airbending father.

    I think I got all the girls so far!

    The boys:

    Evren- The first Mira (a peacemaker, kind of like the judges, legislative branch, and sort of executive branch rolled into one, they are kind of like the UN) after the death of the last one in Zeru. Discovered at the age of two after he nearly drowns his mother by water bending(accident). Most of them are not discovered until at least sixteen. Sent to Aeolus at the age of ten, making him the youngest Mira ever. Becomes able to bend all four elements (rare feat) and also emotion/dream bending, a rare skill. Many are jealous of him and think that he will become the next Miran (the leader of the Miras), although he doesn't know this. Falls in love with Aroa. At age sixteen, it is discovered that the Gaiean Mira are corrupted, but they attack the Miras before none of them know what is going on. But they can't defeat him, so he is forced into a device used to control time, called the Hourglass. He is stuck in the hourglass for 130 years before Nerea lets him out. He has no idea how long he was stuck in there. He and Nerea set off to end the war and restore peace. His bonded animal is Iora, his bird who he can shrink or enlarge by telling it to, flies them places. The god Zeno was reincarnated in his soul, but not as him, as some Miras get a spirit reincarnated into them. He later falls in love with Nerea.
    Galen- Evren's younger brother, an oracle. He passes away because of the plague, but his spirit is stuck in the spirit world until Evren's destiny is reached, so he is stuck for 130 years. He is Nerea's spirit guide. Non bender.
    Durante- Evren and Galen's father. An airbender. Doesn't die from the plague, but from fighting the Gaiean soldiers.
    Leander- one of sub antagonists. Soleil's brother, a fire bender, the prince next in line for the throne. He's full of himself and arrogant. He knows he will be betrothed to Nerea, who hates him. He teases her all the time about her mother and her lack of bending skill. He's possesive and makes it his goal to bring her back when she runs away. He sees her as his and will do anything to get her back.
    Castor- Leander's younger brother. He's more sensitive and nicer. He's about the same age as Amara. Not big deal in the story. A fire bender. He sides with Amara and Soleil about Nerea's running away.
    Phoenix- the Fire Nation King. He's somewhat mean but really has the kingdom's best interest at heart. Nerea hates him, because he banished her mother.
    Fintan- Nerea's father. Fire nation commander in the Navy. Falls in love with Mayim. After her banishment he becomes the second in command to Phoenix, his best friend and blood brother. He basically abandons Nerea in his grief. When she runs away, he has the whole fire nation, the navy especially, looking for her, him on a boat with Amara searching. Fire bender.
    Agni- Fintan's father and Nerea and Amara's grandfather. His wife was Nina. He at first is mad at his son's betrayal, but he gets over it. He was the Admiral of the fire nation Navy. Fire bender.
    Maro- Mayim's father, Altalune's husband, Nerea and Amara's grandfather. Chief of his providence of Kaito. Searches frantically for his daughter when she runs away. Seems bitter, well he is kind of bitter, but he really is very caring. Takes her back to the water nation when she's banished. Water bender.

    Sorry that was sooooo long!
    I think those are all the characters' names, places, and such.
    What do you think of my character's names and places? What do you think of the plot stuff I've mentioned.
    How would you pronounce Gaiea?
    Thanks for reading.
    Feel free to ask any questions.
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