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    What do you think of these names?

    Okay... So I've been thinking about boy names lately. What do y'all think about these names:

    Rhett- I like how its short and distinctly masculine. I like the Gone With The Wind reference.

    Ambrose- I think it sounds so handsome, but do you think its girlish?

    Andrius- This is the Lithuanian version of Andrew. I found it in a book and I really like it. WDYT

    Any suggestions or middle names? I really like the combo Rhett Ambrose right now. I don't have any combos for Andrius though. How do you think they go with the names in my signature? Sibsets?
    Thanks for your help!
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    I LOVE Rhett. Ambrose sounds feminine to me (maybe the rose part?). Andrius isn't my style, but it's cool. I like Rhett Andrius.

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    I think Rhett is so handsome, it could work as a stand alone name, or as a nickname for Everett.

    I think Ambrose LOOKS feminine spelled out (almost looks like a smush of Amber and Rose) but when it is spoken, it doesn't sound feminine.

    Andrew is a name I really love, I'm not entirely keen on Andrius. I could be pronouncing it wrong, but the way I pronounce the first syllable reminds me of Andrea.

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    Rhett Ambrose is an awesome name (I like Everett NN Rhett even more though). I don't really find Ambrose girlish, but I do see why people think it would be, which is one of the reasons I think it works best as a MN. I do think the formal feeling of Ambrose helps make the casual Rhett (which I usually associate as a nickname) feel more grounded as a full name.
    Andrius I don't like too much, sounds like "Andrea's" to my ear.
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    Rhett Ambrose is lovely! I think Ambrose is a bit on the feminine side (it sort of seems to combine Amber and Rose), but I think it works well as a MN and can be quite handsome in the right combo. Besides, I am much more in love with Ambrosia on a girl--I can't imagine a girl being Ambrose! I have to agree with the pp--my heart lies with Everett (personally, I wouldn't even use Rhett as a nn for that--I'd use Ev or the name in full), but I love hearing Rhett for someone else's child.

    As for Andrius, I much prefer the original Andrew--it's more classic and soft. I would imagine meeting an Andrius in The Matrix or something, haha. It might make a cool mn, though--like Seth Andrius?

    Good luck!
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