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    Thank you everyone for all your help and insight. We have finally settled (hopefully for the last time), on Samara Linn Reineman

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    Love the sound of the name, but I must ask.. Why the double Ns in Lin? It feels ambiguous to me - between Lynn and Lin and neither one nor the other.
    I strongly prefer Lin.
    You've thought it through a lot, and I'm sure you have a good reason for the spelling. So how did you arrive at Linn?

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    Samara Linn is beautiful
    Everything a mama could want

    Blessed mama to 3 year-old Elijah Myles & to 6 precious angels babies.

    Amelia Wren, Charlotte Adair, Josepine Elise, Genevieve Ruth, Susanna Caroline, Cordelia Mae

    Josiah Davis, Charles Asher, Jeremiah August, Lawrence Henry

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    I like Lin a million times more than Linn because it makes Lin stand out as a nod to your heritage.

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    Because Lin is Chinese while the Asian half of the baby is Laotian, Linn has Germanic roots which if you can tell by the Last name is the other half, so it just seemed more appropriate, while Lynn just kinda got phased out by the other two choices

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