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    I think the repeat R is better than the rhymey-ness of Madelyn Reineman. Samara Lin is beautiful!
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    I prefer Samara Reineman over Madelyn Reineman. The ra-Re isn't the best but it doesn't bother me. The rhyming of Madelyn Reineman bothers me more. As for the middle name, I like the sound of one syllable but would suggest you find something that you like. It seems like you picked Lynn only because it is one syllable while there's lots of one syllable names out there. As for Lin, I agree with pp to find a Laotian name rather than just any Asian name. It seems like you like the idea of jade since the baby is due in August - what about Samara Jade?

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    well I actually came to the name lynn because it just sounded really nice and flowed so well that is in fact a name I like on its own merit...but I sure do appreciate all the different insight everyone has given me on something that is so much more difficult then first it just seemed like it would be fun!...which of course it is, but its also a lot of work!!

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    but also think the "L" sound itself is what makes it work so well....for me anyways.....any other ideas on one syllable "L" names????

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    Samara Liv
    Samara Lark

    Samara Lin... It has a silkiness about it.

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