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    Quote Originally Posted by reinm1a1 View Post
    do you think the middle name Lin(Chinese) spelled that way is okay even if the baby isn't Chinese?....shes half Caucasian half Laos....
    Ah. Well I think Samara Lin is still beautiful, even if the link isn't a direct one. I don't know much about Laos, but I know that Laotian is one of those Tai-Kadai-based languages that came from southern China with Mongol invaders. You guys share a lot linguistically, right?
    There's also the Vietnamese spelling, Linh, which means "soul." Pretty. I like the silent-H.

    Any other monosyllabic Laotian names that would go well with Samara or Madeleine?

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    Samara is way better!!! #DING

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    Hi reinm1a1, welcome to nameberry!

    If you are not bothered by popularity, either name is beautiful. However, I hesitate that Madelyn or Lynn/Brynn/Lin are very N heavy with your last name. Madelyn Reineman rhymes a bit too much. Samara Reineman flows better, but still has the same number of syllables.

    If you want to honor her heritage with the middle name, you may need to do a lot of research to find a one syllable Lao name that you like. It seems that Lao names tend to be longer with complicated sounds, but are often shortened to a simple nickname. Your Loa family may be able to help point you to some beautiful alternatives that would be meaningful as well.

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    I like Samara as the first name...I think it would be nice to choose an actual Laotian name as the middle name to give it more meaning. I couldn't find much online about Laotian names but maybe your husband could give you some ideas? I did find a few one syllable names...Tai means rabbit, Jai means heart, Vanh means day.
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    They're right... Lynn is too common. How about Lynnae instead of Lynn? Or maybe Lynette? Samara Lynnae or Samara Lynette.

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