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    Samara for sure. There are too many Madelyns (and all the spelling variations) running around these days.

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    Samara Lynn is a beautiful name.

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    I really like Samara Lynn, but my other half really likes Samara Rose....I know BOTH are not so rare but both do a great job of tying the whole name together....I personally feel that lynn flows better than rose since the end of samara ends in RA

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    also im thinking maybe instead of spelling Lynn the typical and most popular way, spelling it Lin, since the baby after all is half Asian....Samara Lin Reineman

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    Samara Lin for sure! It's sooooo much fresher spelled the Chinese way. Samara means "watch mountain" - how poetic. And Lin means jade, apparently.
    Makes me think of Chinese ink landscape paintings of mountains seen through clouds.

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