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    Poll: Down to 2!!

    So after months of deliberation, we have it narrowed down to two names. We love both but there can only be one. Samara Lynn vs Madelyn Grace....your thoughts??!!!

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    Samara Lynn! Samara is fresh and springy and pretty, and Lynn is kind of dated but not really bad. Madelyn is boring, and not as classic as Madeleine (mad-uh-line) and Grace is a "filler" middle. All in all, Samara is much more unexpected and fun.
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    I would pick any name over Madelyn Grace, probably one of the most common combos out there right now! Samara is much nicer anyway.

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    Samara Lyn trumps Madelyn Grace any day, but neither are really my cup of tea.

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    I agree that Samara is definitely more unique which is why it was my original choice....any fresh ideas on the middle name? I like Lynn cuz it flows well and ties it all together, Samara Lynn Reineman ( rye-nuh-men). But suggestions are welcome

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