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    Samara Anne
    Samara Belle
    Samara Blair
    Samara Blythe
    Samara Claire
    Samara Day
    Samara Faith
    Samara Faye
    Samara Hope
    Samara Jane
    Samara Jill
    Samara Joy
    Samara Kate
    Samara Kay
    Samara Leigh
    Samara May
    Samara Pearl
    Samara Quinn
    Samara Rose
    Samara Ruth

    One-syllable makes perfect sense--it lets Samara shine. Something like Samara Estelle is beautiful, but it doesn't have the same punch or focus.
    I bolded my favorites.

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    Also, you said Asian, but from where? The middle name could be a specific nod.

    Samara Mei
    Samara An
    Samara Song

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    I love the strong, feminine Madeleine (my preferred spelling) and classic Grace as a middle name despite popularity.

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    Ya the more I hear it and see it and imagine myself saying it in a sentence, the more I love Samara Lynn/ now I guess I just have to choose between the two

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    I love Samara! I prefer Samara Grace to Samara Lynn! Samara Pearl would be my top choice though if I could pair it with any one syllable middle!

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