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    What would you name my kittens?

    So about a month ago my sister and her boyfriend and I started fostering a trio of orphaned kittens. We were so busy taking care of them that we didn't exactly give them names. They have been known as Big Kitty, Medium Kitty, and Baby Kitty and then later ended up being called Ms. Fancy Pants, Yowlie, and ET. Now those names don't quite fit and we've also found out all three are girls. They are all tabby cats as well. So what would you name our kittens?

    Big Kitty: Has been called Ms. Fancy Pants lately. This might still work lol but anyways, she has always been the prettiest of the bunch. She is the boss and is very particular about her food, her bed, and her toys. For example she refused to eat tuna but decides that she likes steak and chicken. She also has a dress... It just seemed fitting. If there was ever a cat to like wearing clothes it would be Ms. Fancy Pants. She would need an upper class sort of name, a name that lets everyone know that she is elite and knows it.

    Middle Kitty: This kitten was named Yowlie because as a baby she was the most vocal when it was time to get fed. We also thought she was a boy for the longest time. Yowlie is a very independent kitten she doesn't want or demand much attention and is best left to her own devices. She is not much of a yowler anymore either, though she still loves her food. She is a little ball of energy and has a tendency to zonk out randomly after running around. Interestingly this kitten is the only one not have white boots on her feet and the pads of her paws are black while the other two have pink paws. She was also known as both Linus and Milo before we found out she was a girl. I personally still kind of like Milo.

    Baby Kitty: We weren't sure this one would make it. She was the runt of the litter and significantly smaller than the other two. She literally fit in the palm of my hand. She was named ET because she was goofy looking and for awhile looked a lot like everyone's favorite alien if you stood her on her hind legs. She has big big eyes on a little head and for the longest time she didn't have fur on her tummy or her legs. She's since grown a lovely thick coat and isn't really very alien like anymore. She lived in a tissue box for awhile as a baby and has since moved up to a soda box. She is the sweetest of the trio and enjoys cuddles. We tried to come up with names still using the initials ET but haven't had much luck. My suggestion Ethelreda Theodosia was vetoed XD If you can use the initials awesome but it's not required.

    Have Fun with it and I'll let you know what they end up being called.
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    Vera for Big Kitty, Charlotte for middle cat, and Jasmine for tiny kitten.
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    First kitty: I would just call Fancy. I know a person named this, but it will work for your kitty.
    Second kitty: Mo - I love Mo for a cat or dog and I think it is totally unisex. Milo is all boy to me. Even for a pet.
    Baby kitty: Ettie? Tillie? Tibbie? Teaberry? Since she has big eyes: Zoe(y) a la Zooey Deschanel?

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    What color tabbies are they?
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    Middle Kitty: Fiona May, Mila/Mia Seraphina, Verity Rose. If she was called Linus, maybe you'd like Linnea or Leona?
    Baby Kitty: First: Eva, Elodie, Elosie? Middle: Thisbe, Thistle?

    If the kitties are grey tabbies, maybe "Liadan" (LEE-a-dawn) which means grey one or grey lady in Irish?
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    For the first I'd just shorten the name she has down and call her Fancy.

    The middle one instead of Milo, I think she kinda sounds like a Mila.

    And for the baby - something really sweet. As an evolution of ET I'd suggested Etta for her.

    Fancy, Mila & Etta - they sound all kinds of adorable
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