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    Help! Names that don't go together

    Okay... So I am beginning to realize that there is a major problem with my lists. My girls list and boys list have a specific style, but the girls names don't really work with the boys names, and vice versa. The names for my first two daughters are pretty much set in stone at this point: Elisabeth Kate/Cate "Elise" and Cassandra Vivienne "Cassie" or "Cassia". Do any of my boys names work with these two? Suggestions?

    Elisabeth Kate "Elise"
    Cassandra Vivienne "Cassie"

    Adam Carson
    Camden Bennett
    Cade Michael
    William Anthony "Will" or "Liam"
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    William Anthony with the nn Will works very well with ur girls names

    Elisabeth, Cassandra and William or Elise, Cassie, and Will

    Adam Carson works to but I think William is better

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    Agree with pp. William Anthony (prefer spelling Antony) works well with both names.
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    My list is basically the same- I don't find my girl & boy lists very cohesive. It used to bother me, but now I think, "Why would I give up a favourite because it doesn't work with my favourites of the opposite sex?" or "Why would I put names on my list I don't even love, just because they go better with the names of the opposite sex?" Honestly, I don't think a cohesive style is worth giving up names you love.
    I think your boy names work fine. Yes, some of them are trendy, but if you love them, why take them off your list? It's not like you're going to have septuplet boys tomorrow and need to use them all and even if you did, I don't think it matters.

    With Elizabeth Kate/ Care and Cassandra Vivienne, the stand-outs from your boy list, in my opinion, are: Bennett & Everett (my favourites), Adam & William (the ones I think give off the same 'feel' as Elizabeth & Cassandra).
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    William and Everett work great with Elisabeth and Cassandra
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