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Thread: Doucebelle !

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    Definitely thinking about doucheb** too. It's a horrible name..
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    I think it proves medieval parents had equally bad taste as modern ones.
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    Have you considered Dulce? It means sweet or candy in Spanish. Given to many Hispanic little girls, and it would lose the negative connotation. Just a thought.
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    because a childhood of being called douche-bell won't be traumatizing...
    you all need to remember this while picking names; kids are absolutely brutal.

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    I agree totally!
    I definitely don't want my child to be teased about her name. But the kids will find something else tease if it is not the name.
    I know a Anna - Sophia who gets teased about her name and I have the same experience because I get called Vaseline every time I say my name to someone. That's why I called Bellerose.

    Thanks!I love mevanou and I really like Dulce

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