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Thread: Doucebelle !

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephanie413 View Post
    Exactly the same reaction as @mischa

    This is a definite no go in any English speaking country in my opinion.
    Me too... just fyi, when used in reference to a person, "douce" usually means gentle, when spelled with a C. If this was what they meant it would have been a nice sentiment back in the day. If its douse with an S, it means "to drensh"as in soak with lots of water... a bit weird for a name imo!
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    Honestly, I think it's really unappealing. It sounds incredibly awkward, and it's like "Soft kitty" in a name without any grammar :/ I don't know anyone who could take this name seriously. Sorry! One of those names best left in Medieval times, I think.
    Other similar options could be something like Fioralba (which I love), Fiorella, Dulcinea, Gwenaëlle, Ludivine, or Marjolaine. Long and wordy, but way more usable. Or if you like Medieval names, I came across Mevanou once as a medieval form of Myfanwy, and I think that's amazing.
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    Yipes. In America, this would be pretty hard to live with.

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    I agree, it brings other words to mind... for me for some reason it also made me think of the French word for garbage can, which is poubelle... that didn't improve upon my initial reaction. :-?

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    First thing that popped into my head too. Maybe spell it differently? Dousebelle? How about Dulcebelle?

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