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    I think it's too fussy. I like stephaniebrooke's suggestions.

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    I think Eleanora is gorgeous! I think the "nora" ending is infinitely more feminine and pretty than the "nor" ending. There is just something harsh about a little girl's name that ends in "nor." (Not meaning to offend! Just not my cup of tea!)

    With "frilly" names being oh-so-popular right now (Isabella, Arabella, Sophia, Olivia, and the like,) I think Eleanora is an elegant option that fits right in without being overly-done. Also, Ella is so popular now, and with Eleanor gaining even as we speak, Eleanora seems like a very logical next step.
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    I really like it. I like the more simple Eleanor too, but I like that Eleanora offers more nickname options. I also like the variant spelling Elenora which looks a little more streamlined.

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    It's beautiful and on trend. I think Nora would be an appropriate, intuitive nn for Eleanor, Elinor, or Eleanora and I must admit that I'm glad you are considering this over the alternative Ellie or Ella.

    My personal favorite variation of Eleanor is Elanor. Have you considered Elnora? This is the name of the heroine of The Girl of the Limberlost.

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    I really like it! So much great nn potential (ellie, nora, lena, ella, .... ) while being a lovely name in itself. My favorite spelling is Elenora.
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