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    Thanks. And its the "ray" in Raven I like. People do mention that Raven makes it sound "dark" I don't really feel that way. Could be because of Raven Simone who is anything but dark. lol (:

    I like that Raven and Rain are both naturey and both have the Ray sound. DH wants the kids all to have a Ray middle name. He may decide a different middle name. He likes to put Raelyn and Rayleen in the second spot when thinking out loud about names. I'd prefer Raven to anything else. Rayleen is a family name (my grandmas sister, I'd rather use my grandmas name then her sister's. lol ) If I had to pick a different Ray name I also like...

    Cecily Rachel (Ashley's pick. haha)
    Cecily Rayana
    Cecily Raegan

    If it wasn't for the Ray thing, i might go with...

    Cecily June Baron (both me and my husband are June babies)
    Cecily Mae Baron (May is the month we started dating.)
    Cecily Winter Baron (We were married in Winter, and Winter is just awesome)

    Apparently I like "time" based names.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    Beautiful, you can't go wrong there

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