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    casilayne Guest
    My personal favorite is Audrey Louise.

    Though, I'm oohing and ahhing over the suggestions of Adelaide with the nn of Ada

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluemoon21 View Post
    Thank you all, it always makes me feel better to read your replies. I don't know how we named two children so effortlessly before this! I'm happy to hear your thoughts, but even having one vote for each helps me to believe we won't be making a mistake with any of the choices, except maybe Love which I agree with.
    Yes! All of your name choices are really beautiful (except Love as mn)! My favorite is Audrey Louise and Audrey Isreal is a fine name. Best of luck!

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    karacavazos Guest
    To Honor both Ada Mae and Leo, I would use one of the following:

    Adele Lenora
    Adalia Louise
    Maelie Louisa
    Leona Adele
    Mabel Louisa
    Audrey Lenora
    Adelaida Louise

    Of your options...

    Audrey Louise Israel (I don't think Audrey Israel sounds bad at all. I've heard much worse.)

    You could always simply use the initials AL/AML or ML. ALI could be nn'd Ali which is cute. Pick any names you like and still consider it an honor.
    (Just ideas...)
    Aria Lauren
    Augustine Lydia
    Matilda Lane
    Alexandra Marie Lila

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    Thanks everyone! One fact that I left out is that my MIL is named Adele and we can't name after her, so that leaves out a good many great A names. I think we've narrowed it down to Ada Lou and Audrey Louise, maybe Mae Louise if baby comes in June but that's not likely. Will update soon, hopefully with news of a baby named!

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    I like Ada Louise the best!

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