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    Audrey Louise gets my vote. I don't mind the "dr" and"sr" back to back. If it really bothers you, what about using Ada as a nickname for Adelaide? Adelaide Louise is fabulous.
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    Audrey Louise is classic. I have a personal hatred for Louise, but I can objectively see that this is a great combination. Audrey is like a string of pearls - always appropriate, goes with everything.

    Audrey Lucasta
    Audrey Lucienne
    Audrey Lucinda
    Audrey Lois
    Audrey Loie
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    I like Ada, unfortunately I've met some Adas and Adahs who have all pronounced their name differently. (Ay-duh; Add-duh; Ah-duh, etc) So I find it confusing personally. I don't like Audrey because it seems a little dated to me (like 1998ish) but I love May!

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    I like Audrey best

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    Audrey Louise works fine. I think Audrey has a bit more personality than Ada and Mae.

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