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    Hi there!
    I am also due in 9 days and still need a baby girl nAme! I think we have similar naming styles, my daughter is Aubree Isabel. Which is similar to Audrey Isreal and I never considered it an issue. Our daughter is also due in May and we are considering May or Mae for a middle name. I did a whole post on it here asking if people thought month was an issue. Most did not. I like your name choices. I think my favorite is Audrey Mae. If you are unsure about Louise have you considered Eloise? Eloise May is one of my top ten! I also like your choice of Mae Louise. It has a nice flow. Good luck!!

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    A very good friend just named her daughter Adabel, if you like Ada, I think that Adabel Louise sounds sweet.

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    angelsmile, what a similar path we are on! Thanks for the Eloise suggestion, we are set on the "L" so Eloise wouldn't work, although I do love the name. And Audrey Mae would also not work for the same reason. But I think we're happy with Louise or just plain Lou. Good luck with your decision and I look forward to hearing what you choose!

    Thanks everyone else for the input and suggestions!

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