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    Mae Louise is super cute! I also like Audrey Louise
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    I still firmly like Audrey Louise. I think Love is a little cutesy and yes, it does turn her name into a political statement of sorts. I understand your hesitations over the internal assonance of Audrey Israel but really, truly don't think it's a problem. It's not a frank rhyme, like Lizzy Israel or something.

    I assume you've looked at longer and slightly fresher takes on Ada, like Adeline, Adelaide, Adrienne, Adara or Adela?

    Mae is sweet but doesn't seem nearly as meaningful as the others.
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    Mae Louise would be my choice.
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    Mae Louise or Ada Louise are my favorites from your list. What about Audra Louise Israel? This honors, but I think the last and fn flow better than Audrey Israel.

    Some other suggestions to combine Ada and Mae--

    Alma Louise
    Auden Louise
    Magda Louise
    Margot Louise
    Matilda Louise
    Maude Louise

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    Thank you all, it always makes me feel better to read your replies. I don't know how we named two children so effortlessly before this! I'm happy to hear your thoughts, but even having one vote for each helps me to believe we won't be making a mistake with any of the choices, except maybe Love which I agree with.

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