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    Nine days to baby and we haven't decided!!

    You've heard all of it before as I've posted several times over the months... and we still have not settled on a name for this baby if it's a girl. We are hoping to name after my grandmother Ada Mae. I can't bear the thought of going back to the drawing board, but we have to love it. And I don't even know what the next step would be.

    We started out both loving Audrey and were set on Audrey Louise, but I am not sure Audrey flows well with our last name. This or Audrey Lou are probably our top choices.

    I would love to go for Ada, but I'm not crazy about the name as much as I want to be. If we did Ada we don't really have a middle, I like Ada Louise but dh thinks it's too old lady. I don't know if Lou works as well with Ada. Ada Lou. Hmmm.

    Finally there is Mae. This is probably more of a contender than Ada. My husband does not like the idea of naming a baby Mae who is born in May, but it doesn't bother me and he will do it if it comes to that. I think with Mae we would do Mae Louise.

    And finally, dh likes the middle name Love. Which I feel like I should jump on because he's the conservative one and I should take advantage of this moment of frivolousness that I rarely see from him. But Love? I'm just not sure. And with our last name it's a little too much like a sentence.

    So it boils down to this...
    Audrey Lou
    Audrey Louise
    Audrey Love
    Ada Love
    Ada L____
    Mae Louise

    You've all given me great L names over the months and I don't think anyone will come up with one we haven't thought of. I like Lillian but dh not so much. I think I'm just looking for opinions on the above. Let's just hope it's a boy because we love our boy name!
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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I LOVE Mae Louise Israel! It has a strong positive association for me because of Louisa May Alcott, the author of one of my most favorite books, "Little Women." I really like it. I agree with you about the mn, "Love." It does sound too much like a sentence, given your ln. Good luck! I'm sure you will figure it out in time.

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    I love Ada Louise, nn Ada Lou....I definitely don't think it's too old-lady. If anything, I think Mae is more old-lady sounding. Good luck!

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    Adelise Mae
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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