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    Yep, the 88 cent tests work as well as the $15 ones. I've actually heard many times that they work better.
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    Thanks guys, its reassuring to hear that. I feel silly for buying the expensive ones now!
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    They have always worked for me. The biggest complaints seem to be reading evaporation lines which could indicate a false positive. Read the box and follow the instructions carefully, especially the time window in which to read the test. If you read the test after 10 min (I can't remember the exact time) you could see a positive when you really aren't pregnant. Some of the more expensive tests are also a lot simpler to read (they say pregnant or not pregnant) instead of lines.
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    All of the tests work the same way - it's all about the chemicals on the paper reacting to the hormones in your body. No matter if the test strip is expensive or not, they all do the same thing.

    It's a lot more exciting and romantic to find a "pregnant" written in digital on a big, solid, plastic holder, but a simple line on a little test strip will tell you the same result.

    On either an expensive one or cheap one make sure not to read the test after it recommended time frame. It will most always show up as a false positive after the allotted time.

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    I've used the "99% accurate" dollar store tests for all 3 (positive) pregnancies, and they've always (obviously) been right! I usually do 2 or 3 at a time, though, just to be sure. The are only a dollar, so $3 doesn't break the bank.


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