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Thread: Star Trek Names

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    Star Trek Names

    I've been a Trekkie ever since I was seven or eight. I've watched each series (except for Enterprise, the last one) multiple times, and it's by far my favorite fictional universe. With the movie Into Darkness hitting theaters this weekend (I saw it- loved it), it has got me thinking about Star Trek character names on real kids.

    I actually knew a kid named Spock (No joke). He loathed his name, and went by his middle Alexander upon transferring schools. I don't want something that obvious. (It's totally going to be used for a pet, though. It sounds silly IRL.)

    Kathryn, William and James are probably most usable (Kathryn Janeway, William T. Ryker and James Tiberius Kirk, respectively), and I can definitely see myself using Kira (Major Kira Neryss of DS9), but here are some of the more 'out there' ones.



    Kirk- Too much? I love the sound, the meaning, and the connection, but it's almost as bad as Spock.
    Dax (From Deep Space Nine- not my favorite series by far but great names)
    Tiberius- Nickname Rius.
    Gordan nickname Gordi (said Jor-dee)
    McCoy- nickname Mick

    Jadzia- (23 girls were named this last year... Guess I'm not the only fan- or maybe some people thought they made it up?)
    Ezri- (39 girls were named Ezri.)
    Annika- Seven of Nine's human name. Another useable possibility.
    Kess- One of my favorite names. Possibly a nickname for Kathryn?
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    As a fellow Trekkie, I can tell you that this has been a passing thought as well. Star Trek Into Darkness was great, love it as well!

    Oh dear, a boy named Spock??? Poor boy!

    Jadzia- It sounds cool, it might makes a cool middle name.
    Ezri- Same as Jadzia.
    Annika- Very usable; I know two Annikas.
    Kess- I love Kess, especially as a nickname for Kestrel, but Kathryn isn't too far off as well.

    Kirk- I remember one of my very first early combos has Kirk in the middle slot just because of Kirk himself I think it's great for a middle name, but as a first, not too bad; I know a Kirk and he doesn't get made fun of or anything.
    Dax - Cool name, but I rather it be a nickname for a longer name.
    Tiberius- Middle name! Tiberius is one heck of a name for a little boy to carry!
    Remus - Cute, cute! I like this!
    Gordan nickname Gordi (said Jor-dee) - I like the character, but to me, the name is forever tied to the character.
    McCoy- nickname Mick - I like this for a middle name; I also find his first name, Leonard, quite refreshing as well.
    Troi/Troy - I know a girl named Troy, and since the character herself is female, I feel like this would be better for a girl.

    Another boy name I think is very usable is Montgomery, as in Scotty from the Original Series.
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    I adore Kirk for a boy. Kirk was always my favorite captain, but I think it's a great name on its own, even for a non-Trekkie. But I think I'd only use it as a middle name; I wouldn't want my son to deal with Star Trek jokes for the rest of his life!

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    My sister has Tiberius earmarked for a boy's MN partly because of Kirk.

    I like Benjamin (Sisko being my favourite captain) but I can't use it. Love the name though.

    Jadzia is a real name, in Polish, (or another Eastern European language, sorry!) I think. Probably there are 20-some-odd people a year who would use it despite the Trek connotations? And I think its said differently if its Polish.

    Kira - I like its Russian meaning anyway but it's also a favourite character of mine.
    Nyota - Not brave enough to use but like the name. This was Lt. Uhura's little-used first name.
    Ro - I loved Ro, but Ro is more nickname-y sounding to me. Would need to be short for something in real life, I think.
    Minuet - Riker's perfect woman, a hologram. I liked the name. Weird episode though.

    Miles - I loved Chief O'Brien and it's a highly usable name.
    Garak - Not very usable. But a character I liked.
    Malcolm - From Enterprise, a show I didn't like much, but liked the name. I like the Firefly association as much as the Enterprise one though.
    Jean-Luc - wouldn't really use but a cool name.
    Lafayette - Sisko's middle name. Probably best kept as a middle name.

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    I LOVE Star Trek, but I'm really only a TOS fan {I've only seen TOS, and about five episodes of TNG and I tried to watch Voyager/Enterprise but I just really didn't like them much}.

    I think Kirk works! I don't think it's too attached to Star Trek, unlike Spock. Just as long as you don't name him James Tiberius Kirk

    I love Montgomery with the nickname Monty {a la Montgomery Scott} and also Leonard {Bones}, which could be updated with Leonardo or just Leo.

    For girls, I like Ilia {from The Motion Picture} pron. eye-LEE-uh, and I think Nyota is really pretty although I'm not sure if it's usable or not..

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