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Thread: Star Trek Names

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    I actually know a boy named Kirk, although I'm pretty sure he was named in honor of his mother's maiden name. It works, but I do agree it works better as a middle name. (Fellow Trekkie here. Been watching my whole life!)

    Dax - This is a legit name, I believe. I wouldn't bat an eye if I met a Dax.
    Tiberius - LOVE! Might add it to my own list.
    Remus - A little out there. Not my fave.
    Gordan nickname Gordi - The nickname is a bit of stretch here. With so many other great ST names to choose from, this one is at the bottom of the list.
    McCoy- nickname Mick - LOVING it! Goes right along with surname-name trend. I think this would be a fabulous choice!
    Troi/Troy - Also a legit name. I know a few guys named Troy. (But I would use the Troy spelling.)

    The only girls names I really like are Annika (fabulous) and Kess. Does she spell it Kess or Kes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tintri View Post
    The only girls names I really like are Annika (fabulous) and Kess. Does she spell it Kess or Kes?
    Kes I think it was. I'm a Voyager and DS9 girl. Grew up watching both of them I actually met Jennifer Lien (who played Kes) a few years ago

    I saw Into Darkness the other day. I was a little disappointed. The script didn't feel as snappy as the first one :/

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    I am a huge Star Trek fan. That said, I don't think I would go w/ any of the really obvious Star Trek names. There are names like Jake, Julian, Alexander, Miles, Kira, and even Kes that you could use and nobody would automatically think "Star Trek!" So not like naming your baby Spock. Though I do really like the name Sarek... I also like the names of characters that happen to be actual human names or that sound close enough that you could use them. For instance, I don't know that I would use Jadzia or Ezri, but they are both legitimate names. Nobody would necessarily know that you meant Trill Ezri vs. Hebrew Ezri, or Trill Jadzia vs Polish Jadzia.

    I also like:
    Finna (this is a very minor character who appears in one episode of DS9, love interest of Sisko)
    Nadele (I think this was possibly the other name of the same character, who was actually two people or something.)
    Ziyal (maybe too associated w. the character, but it is a legitimate human person name- a male Hebrew name, I think.)

    Out of all of these, I am most likely to use Finna. I love it and I don't think it's that odd due to the popularity of Finn/Finnegan/et al. Also, my parents got my name off of a Creature Feature and it hasn't done me any lasting harm.

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    I also like these: (*these say Star Trek to non-Trekkies)

    Pike (Christopher Pike - Original Series)
    Boyce (Philip Boyce - Original Series)
    Garrison (Garrison - Original Series)
    Picard (Jean-Luc Picard - The Next Generation)*
    Lore (Lore - The Next Generation)
    Reginald (Reginald Barclay - The Next Generation)
    Elim (Elim Garak - Deep Space Nine)
    Archer (Jonathan Archer - Enterprise)
    Tavis (Travis Mayweather - Enterprise)
    Mayweather (Travis Mayweather - Enterprise)

    Nyota (Nyota Uhura - Star Trek)*?
    Uhura (Nyota Uhura - Star Trek)*
    Lore (Lore - The Next Generation)
    Leeta (Leeta - Deep Space Nine)
    Ayala (Lt Ayala - Voyager)
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    Ooh, I am currently watching Voyager (boyfriend´s attempt to make me a Trekkie) and it´s made me really like Janeway as a name (I know it´s her surname, but I really like the sound of it for a first) but that´s definitely unusable though! Katherine nn Kes could be two awesome Voyager females in one though

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