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    Ximena - It looks cool and if I'm pronouncing it right, has a cool sound as well.
    Carlota - I really like this, but prefer the Carlotta spelling.
    Frida - Not my style and I don't really like the way it looks either.
    Julieta - So frilly and girly! I like the Julietta spelling more, but wow what a name.
    Viviana - I'm going to say that I prefer the original Vivian.
    Florencia - I think it is a little too over the top for me; Florence is pretty though.
    Constanza - Also a bit too over the top for me.
    Luisa - I'm not loving the look of it, but I can appreciate the fact that it's a variant of Louise.
    Tatiana - Pretty pretty! I like this as a sister to Juliet/Julietta.
    Mia - Sweet but just doesn't compare to some of the other names on your list.
    Renata - Pretty! I see this on the same level as Saskia- Sassy, fun and full of energy!
    Victoria - Nice name, but I'm not seeing the Spanish flair that some of your other names have.
    Azul - Not my style; I feel like there's something missing.
    Fernanda - I'm neutral on the full name but I like the nickname Fern.
    Camila - Cute, but I like the Camilla spelling better (unless you pronounce that differently, I know some berries do!).
    Lua - Lua reminds me of the Hawaiian Islands for some reason, perhaps the sound. Very pretty!

    My tops are Carlotta, Julietta, and Tatiana.
    (updated 9/1/17)

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    I love Ximena and Julieta. Camila is nice as well.

    Other Spanish favorites:
    Nuria (the nameberry link to the name gives it a negitive review but I think it's cute)

    Best of luck!

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    Ximena - This is super cool, but might be difficult for many to say in the US
    Carlota - I also like this, although I usually see it spelled Carlotta. Not sure if that's an americanized thing. I also like Carlita
    Frida - This is great! It seems to me like a Spanish equivalent of the cool "Grandma" names
    Julieta - lovely, but in the US people may pronounce it all sorts of ways.
    Viviana - very feminine and flowery, I like it!
    Florencia - very pretty, but may be a bit of a mouthful. I also might prefer Flor or Flora.
    Constanza - this is the only one on the list I don't care for, it seems a bit hard to pronounce to me, sounds a little surname-ish, and lots of harsh sounds.
    Luisa - this is very pretty and simple.
    Tatiana - I like the name, but it's not as stunning as others on your list. A little boring to me.
    Mia - not a big fan. It's popular among lots of different languages, it would get lost where the others stand out.
    Renata - I've never heard this before! I don't know if it's dated...I don't love the sound as much as the others, but it's a nice, easy to pronounce name.
    Victoria - again, a pretty name, but would get lost in the crowd.
    Azul - pretty, but seems a little masculine to me. I'd put it in the middle.
    Fernanda - I love this!
    Camila - pretty, but like some of the others, doesn't stand out as much.
    Lua - I think this is beautiful, and I love the meaning.

    Lua, Fernanda, Frida, Carlota, or Ximena are my favorites.
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    Ximena-- I actually quite like this name, X and all.
    Carlota-- eh. It sounds a little "mom on the telenovela" to me.
    Frida-- Very cool. Would be sweet on a little girl
    Julieta-- I'm not really a fan of this name in any language.
    Viviana-- Like this one a lot. Wonderful meaning, cute nn, very girly
    Florencia-- see Carlota
    Constanza-- see Carlota
    Luisa--see Carlota
    Tatiana-- I like this one a lot
    Mia-- it works in both English and Spanish, but it's like calling your daughter "mine"
    Renata-- very cute... very popular in Spanish-speaking countries
    Victoria-- another winner. Easy in both English and Spanish
    Azul-- there was a character on a novela with this name... that's all I can think of.
    Fernanda-- see Carlota
    Camila-- Lovely.
    Lua-- I don't like this one, sorry.

    Some suggestions:
    Lucia (maybe instead of Luisa)
    Xochil (ok, this one would create a host of pronunciation problems, but I love it... had to throw it in there)
    Zoe Milena and Lucas Emmanuel

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