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    Spanish Girl names

    I'm not pregnant and I don't have children but I do have an obsession with baby names and I have always had a thing for spanish sounding names since I have hispanic heritage yet I have always thought about the problems choosing one of these names could cause because of pronounciation and not being able to find the right middle name aswell as the fact that it might not flow with my childrens' last name

    Here is a list of my favorite names that I would want to use and I'm open to any combinations any of you can make and I would love to hear what you think of them. Thanks

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    Ximena - interesting, but have bad associations (tv series)
    Carlota - car and lotto, dislike
    Frida - dislike
    Julieta - ok, but find h sound annoying
    Viviana - lovely
    Florencia - OK
    Constanza - prefer Constance, but OK
    Luisa - dislike both Louisa/Louise and it's variant
    Tatiana - my neighbor name, OK
    Mia - boring, but nice
    Renata - dated in my country, find ti unappealing
    Victoria - OK, nice
    Azul - lovely
    Fernanda - masculine
    Camila - nice
    Lua - is this misspelling? Lua is ugly

    So... Ximena Azul
    Azul Constanza
    Camila Azul
    Victoria Camila
    Victoria Florencia
    Mia Azul
    Azul Victoria

    What about Elena, Silvia, Lucia...
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Thank you so much for taking your time to reply well silvia is my mother's name and i do not like it at all, and elena just makes me think of a really old person but lucia sounds like quite a nice option and lua is not misspelled, it means moon in portuguese and it is the name of a roman goddess and I liked it cause luna is completely out of the question cause it is so popular

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    Ximena- It isn't my favourite… the X confuses me because I want to pronounce it with an SH or a CH.
    Carlota- Love it! It's pretty popular in Spain. I think it's nice!
    Frida- I like this. I'm not sure if it's too much of an artsy statement, but it's cool. It's familiar without being too weird.
    Julieta- Super pretty! I feel like these are one of those names you need to be flexible with the pronunciation because people will pronounce it differently from you, no matter which pronunciation you pick. It's nice in English and Spanish
    Viviana- Eeh, I've never really liked it. I'm not an -ana- person...
    Florencia- Meh, it's fine, but not one I've ever really liked. I'm not really a place name person. I prefer Flora or Flor.
    Constanza- It's all right. I actually know someone named Concetta, and I think that's fantastic, but Constanza, while similar, doesn't do anything for me.
    Luisa- It seems super dated to me. I don't mind it, I know an Ana Luisa and she's 19, but Luisa on its own seems like a middle-aged name.
    Tatiana- It's all right, it really doesn't strike me as being Spanish, though.
    Mia- I think this is weird in Spanish, honestly.
    Renata- I think I met a Renata last year, but I forget where, haha. It's all right. It also seems like an old lady name, though, but in a way that it was uncommon enough to be hip now.
    Victoria- super stable.
    Azul- Errrrr, I do not like this at all.
    Fernanda- I like it! It's not really my style, but I like it!
    Camila- Nice, also stable.
    Lua- I'm not liking Lua at all, sorry.

    For combos:
    Frida Carlota
    Julieta Luisa
    Fernanda Camila
    Name aficionada, traveller, teacher, wonderfully enamoured
    Sela Beatrix, Vivian Lilac
    Bastian Ephraim, Gideon Felix

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    My opinion may not be that valuable because I don't know what's hip in the Spanish-speaking world, but I think you have some fabulous names. My favorites:
    Ximena- Who can resist an X name? This one's sassy and sweet.
    Carlota- This name's like a red flower behind the ear.
    Frida- Frida Kahlo. Yes please. This name is Cool with a capital C.
    Constanza- A bit old-ladyish, in a good way. Strong and quiet.
    Luisa- The only variation of Louise that I truly love. Luisa sneaks up on you. Sexy but not overtly so.
    Victoria- I don't think of this as particularly Spanish, but it's beautiful, especially with the nickname Vita.
    Azul- This is like a sparkling blue sea. But I must admit, a little voice in my head said, "There is no Dana, only ZUL!"
    Camila- Love this with one L. So ladylike, but also strong because of the connection to the incredible Saint Camilla.
    Lua- I dislike many Lu-names- Lulu, Lula, etc. But Lua is special. It's so so soft and simple that it seems almost edgy to me. Reminds me of the beautiful Caetano Veloso song "Lua Lua Lua" (not sure if that's the real title, but look it up if you've never heard it.)

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