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    Arrow British Baby Names from 1863

    So I found this list of baby names from 1863…. Anything interesting?
    FINDS FROM 1863

    A selection of names from the GRO Birth Records for England and Wales in 1863. All are first names and middle names — the surnames are not included unless indicated by 'sn' — and have been checked against other records for accuracy.

    Albany Horace
    Aldred Henry John
    Alfred Mahershalalhashbaz
    Amandus Francis Charles
    Anderson Charles
    Anstice Arthur Charles
    Arphaxad Vernon Lewis
    Azeline Edmund
    Baskervyle Thomas Overington
    Blair Daniel
    Bruno Simon DeLacy Aemilianus
    Cephas Jason
    Cloudsley Shovel Henry
    Chrysidus Adelbert Isadore Cyrus De'Lys
    Cyprian Spencer
    Ecroyde Heywood
    Excelsior Tyrel Chiney
    Ferdinand Artemus
    Garibaldi Forest
    George Leonidas
    Golden Charles
    Hadderreezar Benjamin
    Hippolite Louis
    Horatio Theophilus
    Ivor Ajax
    Lovel Adolphus
    Mark Adolphus Claudius Cline
    Mason John
    Napoleon Alfred
    Nehemiah Joel
    Omar Oliver
    Prince Albert Edward
    Prince Alfred
    Prince Arthur
    Rafael Carlos Amador
    Ranulphus John
    Robert Ernest Alphaeus
    Septimus Ido Francis
    Shadrach Levi
    Sharp James
    Squire Sykes
    Strange (sn: Livings)
    Theobald Wolfe
    Theophilus Elihu Elkanah
    Walter Vandeleur Zaphnath-paaneah
    Welby Were
    Wellington George Richard
    Zachariah Ephraim

    Agnes Amy Esther Fanny Tryphena
    Alberta Victoria Sophia Mary Ernestina
    Alice Alexandra Beatrice Mary Magdalene Eugenie Victoria
    Alivia Zaida
    Annabella Lilla
    Anstruther Taylor
    Arthurina Matilda
    Augusta Georgiana Alberta Kate
    Brock Mary
    Bronzola Anastasia
    Clara Clarissa
    Commarina Mary
    Constantia Alberta
    Desirée Esther Rachel Anita
    Eola Christiana
    Etheldred St Barbe
    Eudora Beatrice Stella
    Evangeline Alicia & Thirza Regina (twins)
    Everalda Maria
    Ferdinanda Caroline Maria
    Florence Sophia Honorine
    Frances Boadicea
    Hesse Priscilla
    Jessina Elizabeth
    Julia Jamesena
    Kalitha Marianne
    Laura Endora
    Lealliwah Lydia
    Lena Elfleda
    Lilla Ximena Alexandrina
    Louetta Amelia
    Mary Christophera
    Mary Elvira Voltelina
    Minetta Theodocia
    Myra Hortensia
    Nerissa Rosalind May
    Noa Florence
    Orizaba Harriet
    Pethena Ann
    Pleasance Janette
    Pleasure Elizabeth
    Princess Alexandra (no doubt named in honour of Prince Albert and Princess Alexandra's wedding that year)
    Priscilla Glennie Agnes
    Rose Alice Emerentiana
    Sevinah Jessie
    Shelomith Ann
    Susieva Marina
    Sybil Coranda
    Theodorine Eugenie Anne
    Tydfil Mary
    Ursula Selina
    Venus Lilia
    Venus Pandora
    Verona Sylvia Seraphina Phancy
    Zeffie Agnes Lydia (sn: Tilbury -- the actress)
    Zelah Alexandra
    Zillah Mesetta
    Zingra Elizabeth
    Zuleika Matilda

    There are definitely some strange ones… Zingra? Orizaba? Ranulphus? Ecroyde?

    But I feel like some of them could feel modern. Zillah, Verona (esp. for a Romeo & Juliet fan), Louetta, Ninevah (a biblical place name), Albany, Anderson, Noa, Lilia, and I definitely feel like Cloudsley will be used by a reality TV star at some point. :/ There are a few more too, but definitely some that should stay in the dustpan of history. Also interesting how many children were given the names Prince and Princess.

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    Strangest Male Combo: Excelsior Tyrel Chiney, Garibaldi Forest, Golden Charles, Sharp James, Squire Sykes and Strange Livings.

    Strangest Female Combos: Pleasure Elizabeth (oh dear! I'm glad she's not living in this day and age. Golden and Pleasure for siblings, anyone? ),Tydfil Mary, Brock Mary and Commarina Mary.

    Names that Sound like Diseases and/or medications: Phylotha, Lystra, Zingra, Crestova, Orizaba, Bronzola (too much sun on the skin), Admonisha (a cleanser to wash away your sins?)

    An Old English treasure: Ethelred

    Thanks for sharing!
    All the best,

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    Going to check some of these against Ancestry because I don't believe them quite frankly, lol.

    EDIT: Posting names that DON'T exist in the records for 1863 or any other time. Will add as discovered:

    Alfred Mahershalalhashbaz


    All the others seem legit, though I didn't check every single one. Bronzola is a typo. The record is actually Bronzolia O_o
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    Aside from a few of these that have already been pointed out, this could pass for a berry's list. Multiple middles, elaborate feminized forms, word names for boys, and a dash of V, X, and Z. I'm rather surprised that there aren't many more Marys and John is only a middle name.

    My favorites are:
    George Leonidas*
    Ranulfus John
    Septimus Ido Francis
    Zachariah Ephraim*
    Florence Sophia Honorine*
    Susieva Marina -- smoosh name? I think it's kind of cute!
    ...Seraphina Phancy <-- as if the first 3 names weren't already fancy enough...

    Love it. Thanks for posting, alphabetdem!

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    Renrose, because there are so many transcription errors and typos, I check every name against marriage, death and census records as well to find the most common spelling. If a name on my list does not exactly match the birth transcription, it's because the birth entry itself doesn't reflect the most accurate form of the name (Amandus was mistranscribed as Amandine, for example).

    Bronzolia Houchen is listed on the 1863 birth entry, yet it's Bronzola Houchen on her marriage entry in 1927 and on census entries (many of these are mistranscribed into the database -- e.g. "Brensely" -- but can be clearly seen when you look on the original pages).

    Orizaba Harriet is Oriziba Harriet on birth record, Orizaba Harriett on her baptism record, Orizaba Harriett on marriage, Orizoba H. on death record. She is also Orizaba on census records. I've just checked and "Orizaba Wallace" is on the 1911 census on ancestry.

    I'm surprised Ancestry didn't show Kendaleana. Kendaleana Chew is one of the few people whose name appeared in this exact same spelling for her birth, both marriage (in 1888 and 1900), death entry and 1881 census. Her grandfather was Kendal Chew, so she appears to have named after him.
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