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    I really like Tempy and Perry!

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    I don't think that I would name an actual person Silence. Much like the name Remember, think of the introductions:

    "Hi, what's your name?"
    "Um, I just wanted to know your name, sheesh."

    You might like the name Selah- it is a word used to describe a musical pause in Psalms. So you could have a similar meaning without ending up yelling, "Silence! Silence!" at the park.

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    our dd is named Remember, and we love it! it's unusual, but everyone can spell it and it has a history (one of the little girl passengers on the mayflower was named remember). so far, that's what we call her, but many nn possibilities. mem, memi, remy, etc. and we've never thought of ember! sweet! we'll see what she takes to.

    I love temperance too, but check the popularity of that one (if that matters to you). it's experienced a spike lately bc of the show "bones" in which the lead is named temperance.
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    I love Remember.. esp with the nn Ember. Just darling. For what it's worth I knew a pastor's wife whose name was Purity. She was very sweet and it fit her nicely.

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    OMG i cant believe you have a daughter named Remember !that is by far my favorite virtue name .iam so jealous right now
    Remember Jane Jojephine is really adorable

    @wintersage i never thought of Purity !its really sweet


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