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    I get the vintage vibe from Harold, but I love the nn Harry... I'm pretty anti-nicknames as names, so this is right up my alley. The only thing I'd consider is whether or not you'd hate it if he chose Hal as his nn when he was older. I knew a Harold nn Hal (an old man), so it is possible that he could choose that nn... but I like it. If, however, the bf dislikes it, Harrison makes a good compromise...
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    Thanks. Yeah, Harrison make a compromise but I am not sure if it goes with Cornelia well...
    And I would like to know if Harold/Harald makes you think of king or a grandpa or a drug addict, I got really interested.

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    Harold is dated in my opinion, so I see what your boyfriend sees, an old man.

    I think Harrison is a nicer option and a good compromise.

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    Thanks...But actually my daughter has an old-fashioned name. Do you prefer Cornelia and Harrison or Cornelia and Harold for a sibset(Nelly and Harry)?

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