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    Question A question about Harold

    Well, my darling daughter is only a week today but I manage to find time during feedings and diaper changes to search the Internet and secretly collect names(my sister says: "Victoria can spend days without food but she can't spend an hour without names", ha ha).
    I came across Harold a few weeks ago but was only able to post it here today. I discussed the name with my boyfriend and it turned out we have sooo different opinions about it!
    I classify the name as a handsome vintage and love the nickname Harry(so pretty English feel). But my boyfriend only sees Harold "Harry" as a name of a drug addict (we both like the "Requiem For a Dream" and Harry, drug addict, I suppose was played by Jared Leto in the film). Or, at best, terrible grandpa name. Not Harry Potter or Scandinavian warrior but an addict or a grandpa...
    How I make him love the name Harold? I managed to make myself accept his favorite, Bartholomew, but he seems to be uncompromising. Changing the nickname to Hal is, unfortunately, not an option because neither I nor him like it but I have a good idea of calling little Harold by his full name.
    And, also, what do you think of Harold "Harry"? Is an addict association avoidable? I see "Requiem For a Dream" as quite famous and "cult" film...

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    Forgot to add, we have a lot of other names on the list we both like but I just don't understand the way boyfriend gets Harold. Any thoughts are welcome.

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    Well, the only Harold I've ever known was an old grandpa. Coolest old guy ever though. I don't personally like Harold or Harry, but its nice enough.

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    Harold was an actual grandfather of mine so I get that vibe. I don't consider that a big negative though - a lot of vintage names are back.

    Harry as a NN makes me think of Henry (classic, good) or Harrison which is not my style. It doesn't make me think Harold at all. I've heard Hal for Harold though.

    My sister likes Harald, which is more of a Danish spelling. She thinks it sounds rakishly Viking.

    I don't particularly want to use it, despite being fond of that grandfather, but it doesn't make me think junkie at all. Nor is it any more dated than Nameberry darlings like Pearl or Beatrice. Henry is quite popular - I like Harvey as a quirkier pick - and Harold is the crustiest but I could see it coming back.

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    The only association I have with the name Harold is the old man who lived next door growing up. I love the name but would never use it because of my son's name but I do prefer the nickname Hal. I think the drug addict association is avoidable.
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