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Thread: It's a girl!

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    It's a girl!

    So the other day we found out that baby number 2 is a girl she will be joining big brother Samuel Elliot. Her name is going to be Paisley but we're stuck between 2 middle names: Elizabeth and June. Our last name is Dillow and we want her name to flow with it.

    Samuel Elliot Dillow

    Paisley Elizabeth Dillow
    Paisley June Dillow

    I just thought of this name- a classic name- that isn't in the poll (I don't know how to edit the poll to add it). What do you guys think of

    Catherine Grace Dillow nn Catie/Katie
    It's classic and it kind of goes with Samuel
    Samuel and Catherine or Sam and Kate or Sammy and Katie
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    I think that Paisley Elizabeth flows the best with Dillow. Wonderful name!

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    I like Paisley Elizabeth the best.
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    Paisley June is my vote!

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    I like the rhythmic "zee" sounds of Paisley and Elizabeth.
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