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    Ruben is a Armenian name spelled like this(pronounced "roo-ben") I suppose.
    Reuben/Reuven is a Hebrew name. I have only know one Ruben, he was from Armenia and went by his full name. I don't know any Reuben but I think Ben works nicely as a nickname.
    And, just my 2 cents: both Benjamin and Dominic are classic names and neither is boring IMO. To be honest, I much prefer Benjamin than Reuben.

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    I'm not a fan of Benjamin at all. I don't like Ben, but Benno is cute! And I think Reuben is a perfect choice!! I've only ever seen it spelled Ruben so I was a little surprised to learn that Reuben is the more accepted spelling. I like it both ways.

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    I actually think Bennett would go better with your surname, if it's J___son. I'm not a fan of either Benjamin or Reuben with a J___son surname... It's a bit too rhymy and choppy. Although I love the name Reuben, I don't think it fits well with your surname...
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