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    I share your enthusiasm for unisex names but, unfortunately, not for kreigh8tyv spellings. I pretty much agree with tay2thestar's sentiments:

    Quote Originally Posted by tay2thestars View Post
    Emersyn Ruth - Honestly, I feel that the original Emerson has a more feminine and grownup vibe than Emersyn. Emery might be a good compromise between the sound of Emerson and the spelling Emersyn.
    I'm kinda puzzled over why some people think Y is a feminine letter. It's being used after long vowel A's and in place of O's and I's for tons of boys' names as well. Oh well. Just remember that creative spellings tend to not age well (in other people's eyes) and look less professional/grownup, and I always think that if you're going to give a kid a bit more hassle with them having to correct other people assuming it's the established spelling, it should be done for a more meaningful reason than trendiness. But that's just my two cents.

    Emerson/Emersyn is definitely my favorite, but Kason is too similar for a sibling. So, like tay2thestar said, names like Emery, and also Elliot, Everly, Ellis, Ellery, or Ember could work as a compromise.
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    I guess I'll vote for Callahan since it has the lovely nicknames of Calla and Callie. I actually know a female Callahan who goes by Callie.
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    I'm leaning towards a name ending in an 'n' to match your other kids' names. Emerson would be OK, but the spelling Emersyn isn't aesthetically pleasing. I don't think any of them are quite right, but of your choices, I'd pick Callahan. The nn Calla is nice.

    What about:
    Callan - this is much better with your sibset
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    I like Embry the best, but not spelled Embree. It will be a headache for her and like some else mentioned, just seems forever juvenile. I cannot stand any girl names that include the word "son," even if Emersyn is spelled wrong, it still has the word in it. Callahan is butch IMO.

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