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    I don't much like your style of names, but I think Emersyn is too close to Kason. I Think Callahan would be best because it has the girly nickname Callie or Calla which you can use. Embree just looks like the nicknames Em and Bree put together, I don't like it.
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    Not my style in names but I like how your style is non traditional!

    I would go with
    1) Embree- it has it's own sound thing going on, I feel the other two names are too close in sounds with the other sibs.
    2) Emersyn
    3) Callahan- this is just wayyy to masculine for my style on a girl.
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    I like Callahan the best out of the list.
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    Embree Ruth - I agree with pp about it sounding like two sounds squash together. It just doesn't feel like a name to me. I much prefer something along the lines of Ember.

    Emersyn Ruth - Honestly, I feel that the original Emerson has a more feminine and grownup vibe than Emersyn. Emery might be a good compromise between the sound of Emerson and the spelling Emersyn.

    Callahan Ruth - I can't imagine any child being named Callahan; nothing comes up. I like the nickname potential of Calla, but I prefer Callaway as a way to get it.

    On a more positive note, Ruth is a lovely middle name choice!
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    i agree i dont like any of these they look kree8tyv and sound masculine i also dont like the spellings...

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