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    Arthur - does it clash?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a hard time finding boys' names that I like. One that does actually appeal to me is Arthur. I worry though, that it clashes with my last name, which is 2 syllables and starts with JAR.

    So what do you think: Arthur Jar***

    A bit of a mouth-full? Too much 'ar'?

    Can't wait to hear what you think,


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    I honestly think it depends on the whole of your last name. If it was just Arthur Jar then I would say it clashed a little but I don't know what the rest of your last name is so I can't really judge it.

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    No I don't think so. A bit of rhyming-ness makes a name better in my opinion, makes it stand out, like alliteration, which is always a good thing in my book. Arthur Jar sounds find to my ears
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    Let me take Jared as a two-syllable word starting with Jar. Arthur Jared sounds a bit heavy but if you put a soft middle name between, it will be alright. What about Arthur Luka/Luke Jar*, Arthur Michael Jar*, Arthur Noah Jar*?

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    Maybe... maybe not. It's hard to say without knowing the full last name.
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