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    My favorites, in order:

    Anna Caroline
    Hannah Jane
    Hannah Caroline
    Grace Caroline

    Other thoughts:

    Jane Caroline
    Caroline Hannah

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    Quote Originally Posted by joyfulmomto8 View Post
    So, here is where we are. I would love to incorporate Jane for so many reasons... Hubby like Hannah, but prefers, Grace or Anna...For me, Hannah, is a bit, I don't know ...prettier than just Anna... So could you help me to get a few combos with these names? Also which do you prefer? Thanks
    I'm not a fan of Hannah at all. For me the 'ha' part of Hannah is so unattractive. Out of the two Hannah combinations I prefer Hannah Jane just because the simplicity is better. I love the name Caroline especially in the middle name slot she's very elegant and wholesome. I also love the southern rural vibe of Caroline. I think Anna Caroline has great flow, I also love the name Anna she's so soft and simple. She has this very sweet lovable sound. Anna Caroline has such a pretty vibe. Even though Grace Caroline is lovely I think she feels a little off, I would prefer Caroline Grace. My favourite combination is Anna Caroline. As you want to use Jane have you thought of having another middle name, I love the idea of Anna Caroline Jane.

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    Its a tough one- i'm torn between Hannah Caroline and Anna Caroline. Both work really well- i think i'd probably go for Hannah in the end. If it is something you'd consider though, i think Hannah Caroline Jane or Anna Caroline Jane are really stunning. They really have the wow factor.
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    Oh, joyfulmomto8, this has been a most fun journey with you! I cannot wait to see what this little bebe ends up with as a name. I still vote Anna Caroline. My favorite.
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    Thank you all for your input Looks like we are still stuck.... dindlee- you are very sweet We still have a long way yet to go (I am due in November ) ...In about three weeks, we will find out if baby is a girl of a boy! Thank you for your thoughts and input!

    Going to continue to chew on these three choices for a while....
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