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    New Possibility for Boy #3

    What do you think of Jacoby? Will people constantly call him Jacob? Any other spelling possibilities that don't look ridiculous (I am not generally a fan of "creative" spellings). What about the combo Jacoby Lincoln? Hubby really wants Lincoln, but I'm having trouble envisioning that as our sons first name, although I do like it. My other fav is Silas, but hubby doesn't like it. Brothers and griffin and Corbin. Other suggestions/combos welcome. Thanks!

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    I think Jacoby is very fantasy and one of those names you find in child tale. I like it. I pn Jacoby and Jacob different, for me Jacoby is Jah-koh-bee, while Jacob is Jay-cohb.
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    I really like Jacoby. I like your combo Jacoby Lincoln very much. It's really cool, but doesn't feel overly trendy. It's solid enough to stand through the years. I don't think he'd be called Jacob at all. Jacoby is it's own distinct name. I like it with Griffin and Corbin, too. It's nice to have a non-"n" ending name in the trio.
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    In my community Jacoby is a well know surname. There are buildings and streets with the name applied. I actually know a girl who is from thier liniage and has named her son after her ancestor's surname with the name Jacoby. They call him Coby. I think it's an awesome name! I also love Lincoln! The nn Link is amazing!

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    Where I am I think it's a bit more popular due to the baseball player Jacoby Ellsbury. But I like it, I think it's a fresh alternative to Jacob. And I don't think others would nickname him Jacob unless you did.
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