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  • Harold, nn Hal & Dorothy, nn undecided

    17 30.36%
  • Harold, nn Hal & Eleanor, nn Nora

    21 37.50%
  • Harold, nn Hal & Margaret, nn Mae

    9 16.07%
  • Harold, nn Hal & Cecilia, nn CeCi

    8 14.29%
  • Harold, nn Hal & Josette

    1 1.79%
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    Agree that Josette feels lightweight against Harold.

    My vote goes to Harold & Dorothy, though Harold/Hal and Eleanor/Nora is a close second.

    I honestly love all of the top 4, but those two just seem to fit with Hal best.

    Dorothy honestly does not get enough love - I guess some people still see it exclusively as an old-lady name, but I definitely don't. It's classic and darling but not cutesy.

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